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January 12, 2010

New Guests at the Peabody House

Filed under: Animal Rescue, Cats, New Additions — peabody @ 9:07 pm

One day last fall we were working in the back patio area at The Peabody House here in Eureka Springs.  We had the feeling that someone or thing was watching us.  This went on for several days.  Finally we turned around and saw three tiny kittens and mama cat peering out from behind the rock wall.  All orange, wild, scared to death, and emaciated.  It goes without saying we could not let this situation continue.  So we started feeding the four of them up on the front porch.  The next day dad arrived, and the day after that two uncles, all orange.  Of course that led to trips to the vet for shots and “fixing.”  They do not come inside and have their own two-story heated kitty house on the front porch.  They’ve promised not to disturb the guests, but they will take advantage of any attention that our guests might bestow upon them.  And yes, they do have names:  Molly, George, Fred, Aberforth,  Mr. Weasley, Ronald and Charlie.

As you read this, am sure you are saying to yourself “suckers.”  But you’ll understand when you visit The Peabody House this year and meet them.

Life is good!